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The most intuitive CRM tool for Real Estate Management in UAE
Create & Control Your Tasks

Brokerpad’s delightfully simple task manager allows you to organize, categorize and assign tasks. By centralization of tasks, complexity is removed from your routine.

Easy Feed Management

By removing clutter and obfuscation from the process of creating, updating or removing feeds. Brokerpad makes the management of your XML feeds extremely simple.

Lead Updates

With Brokerpad you can keep your dashboard up to date with the most recent leads generated. It helps you monitor the progress of your business real time.

Efficient Logging

Giving you a 360 view of your entire organization’s activity through efficient logging, Brokerpad allows you to keep track of changes to your data.

All information on one screen
Brokerpad’s dashboard is not only comprehensive, but also intuitive to use. The simplicity of design allows you to grab the most important information at a glance.

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